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We stock a range of Weleda Oral Care Products. They are formulated with pure ingredients including herbal extracts and essential oils.
All formulas are free of harsh ingredients, such as detergents — including SLS — as well as artificial ingredients, fragrances, bleaches, chemical preservatives and fluoride. Some toothpaste is ideal when taking homoeopathic remedies as they are mint-free and do not interfere with the modus of action of homoeopathic remedies. Ask us about the Weleda products we carry and which one we would recommend for your individual needs.

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Amber Necklaces

In Europe, amber is a traditional natural remedy for teething babies and its popularity continues to grow all over the world. Amber is fossilised tree resin that is found in many areas in the world. Hippocrates, the father of healing, declared amber is active against a number of health issues and it has since been used for a wide variety of treatments.

The amber necklace warms against the skin releasing its therapeutic properties safely and is reputed to boost the immune system, soothing and calming a teething baby by reducing inflammation and relieving pain.

We provide our youngest clients and their families with Amber necklaces that we import from the Baltic Sea.
Natural products for a more holistic health approach

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